Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Attacking a First Lady

This is just a thought in passing, but there are numerous examples of how the right is far worse than the left in its lack of restraint when it comes to dirty and negative attacks. Now, this is not to say that the left/Democrats are squeaky clean. We can start with the Daisy Girl ad when putting together a list of Democratic attacks through history. But there is one area where the GOP has definitely outdone the Democrats: attacking potential first ladies.

Michelle Obama has already been the target of various unfair criticisms and rumors. In 2004 they went after Theresa Kerry for, among other things, having the nerve to be wealthy! And let's not forget the possibly most attacked first lady in history, Hillary Clinton. Then again, Andrew Jackson's wife Rachel was accused of bigamy. Hillary Clinton was only accused of murder.

I can't think of one example where a sitting or potential Republican first lady has been attacked in the ways in which the aforementioned have been. I wonder if Cindy McCain will come under the same scrutiny that Michelle Obama has experienced and can probably expect.

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The Notorious B.A.T. said...

Cindy McCain's attacks make me giggle. Only because a "dry drunk" (I don't know the correct terminology for a recovering drug addict) trying to sling mud is just plain funny.

Oh and hi!