Tuesday, November 21, 2006

route 23 and the convention center

Lanko Yokels has a great post on Bob Walker and the local GOP's screening process for county commissioner candidates. It's funny how everything comes back to the convention center. The route 23 project is the same way. Who's going to profit and how can we make our elected leaders march in lock step with what we want them to do?

I would just like one Republican, maybe Bob Walker, to give me a real answer to the following questions? If you're so in favor of the free market why aren't you applying those principles to the convention center? If I suggested that we take the money for the convention center and use it to buy medicine for people who work but have no health insurance would you call me a "commie" or just a tax and spend liberal? How do you justify being opposed to spending tax dollars on social programs like health care but feel perfectly comfortable spending it on a convention center that can't possibly be supported by the marketplace?

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